Our main strength is that we are a team, that works together to give the best customer service possible. We have not just one, but many professionals working on each project so nothing gets late or un served. We are on call 24/7. We have built a company that manages interior architecture and all that is needed to give a 360 service.

We have the ability to work with our own products or with other brands, we also have the recourses to import from any part of the world. If a client needs to stage a project with imported furniture or accessories we can make it happen.

We work with you from the beginning of the job until the end, we have a team that takes care of the different stages of the project. We even have a concierge service that can provide our clients with details and accessories from local stores or overseas partners.

We love the art world and know the importance of it, so that’s why we partnered with a photography Gallery and art curator that can provide any kind of art pieces to complete a look, from professional and artistic photography, to paintings, sculptures or any other art object.

We believe in personal style, that’s why we have created our own team of manufacturers that built products that we design and are unique. Our Materials Room is a space where we create with our client unique designs! We can personalize every detail from the production of the furniture, fabrics, paint colors, ceramics and porcelain tiles, terrazzo tile and much more.